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Shutdown (2020) - Director, Editor, Sound Design, Director of Photography, Titles and Graphics.

Values Unchanged (2020) - Director, Editor, Camera Operator, Sound Design & Titles.

Hey Buddy (2019) music video by The Coathangers -  Director, Co-Editor, Camera Operator.

Days Like These (2020) - Writer, Director, Editor, Sound Design.

Joan on Her Own (2020) - Grip Assistant.

Mambo 101 (2019) - Production Assistant, Grip, Electrician, Lighting assistant.

Mattresses (2019) - Production Assistant, Key Grip.

Faul (Wings) (2022) - Director, Camera Operator, Editor, Titles,  Motion Graphics, Green Screen, Lighting.

Winter Tragedy (2021)  - AD, DP, Editor, Camera, Visual FX, Motion Graphics.

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