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Filmmaker . Director . Editor

Whether I realized it or not, I’ve been a director for most of my life. I feel like I’ve always found myself gravitating towards leadership roles when it comes to artistic collaborations. From managing bars to playing in bands, I’m the guy that always wound up organizing the rehearsals, booking the tours and bringing my team together. I’ve been performing in front of audiences as an actor and musician for over 31 years now. Honing my craft as an artist I’ve found that film is the perfect marriage between audio and visual media. As I sharpen my skills to create a unique and creative vision within digital film production, my style and work have become a cathartic embodiment of everything that I’ve experienced and achieved.​

As an artist, I thrive in creative environments and situations. Creating isn’t just a hobby, it’s a necessary part of my existence. From clients with preconceived visions, to those struggling to develop their own visual concepts, I’m able to bring visions into fruition by utilizing my creative experience in collaborations with both music and film production. Translating concepts into digital media can be a difficult process, but when combined with a passion to create, the possibilities are endless. 

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